Office Appraiser

Get a Peace of Mind by Hiring an Office Appraiser and Self Storage Appraiser

Are you looking to invest in offices or a self storage facility? Buying commercial properties can be a substantial investment, but it is important to tread carefully. If you are looking to invest in a self storage property or office facility, you need to make sure that you calculate the risks and research the property thoroughly before making any decisions. Part of your due diligence is to hire an office appraiser, or self storage appraiser, to conduct a commercial real estate appraisal on the property. This can help you save on property tax, ensure proper coverage on insurance, help you set realistic investment goals, but more importantly, it can help give you a peace of mind. Whenever you have your eyes set on investing on commercial property, you should always hire the services of an expert appraiser.


If you are in need of an office appraiser or self storage appraiser, give the experts at Shackleford & Associates a call. At Shackleford & Associates, our experience speaks for itself. We’ve been in business for over 15 years and we’ve handled everything from residential to agricultural properties. We have fully licensed appraisers and we can help with your appraisal and we promise that we can offer you more value for your money than any company in Raleigh. At Shackleford & Associates, we’ll stop at nothing to deliver results you can count on.


Whether you are in need of a noffice appraiser or self storage appraiser in Raleigh, we are just a phone call away. We service a large portion of the state of North Carolina and we have offices in both Raleigh and Greenville. We know how stressful investing in commercial property can be. Whether you’re investing in an office or self storage facility, our team is ready to assist. Visit our website for more information on the services we offer and give us a call today to speak to a representative.